Sweet Centre History

Sweet Centre filled the gap in 1964 by Late Haji Abdul Rehman, when he realized there was not even a single sweet shop in the whole of England which specializes in Asian sweets and Asian food.

Whilst the Pakistani and Indian population was on a steady rise in Bradford this meant that a large potential market was left untapped.

Although he already had a thriving grocery shop at 194 Lumb Lane Late Haji Abdul Rehman decided to gamble and put all his life savings into setting up a sweet shop.

The shop was opened on December 12th 1964 with immediate success.


A quote by Late Haji Abdul Rehman “All our Sweets are made by hand and it takes great skill to know when the sugars and other ingrediants are mixed correctly.”

Originally in 1964 Late Haji Abdul Rehman had started of with 3 employees in the 1970’s he had a total of 7 employees. Slowly becoming more popular for there Asian sweets, Sweet Centre was supplying all over to even cinemas around Yorkshire.

Over the years Late Haji Abdul Rehman saw an increase in demand becoming more popular for his traditional chana puri, samosa’s and seekh kabab, using his own secret recipe’s which are still being used till this day. He decided to relocate into 106 Lumb Lane which is a focal point for many.

Till this day Sweet Centre has customers visiting which where visiting from the 70’s, we take a lot of pride and dedication in providing good quality food and service to all our customers.


1964 – 2014 we had reached our mark of being established for 50 years and still are going till this day.

Currently Sweet Centre is owned by Late Haji Abdul Rehman 1 of 2 sons Liaqat Habib. Sweet Centre has nearly reached 3 generations through the family.

Being established for over 50 years we thank our customers for dining with us and the support they have provided over the years.

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Sweet Centre Bradford

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